NFC Enabled Smart Video Brochures & tap2view Functionality...

Smart enable your Video Brochures by incorporating an NFC (Near Field Communications) Chip and create more options within your Smart Video Brochure via tap2view.

Each Chip can be customised to create a URI or "Uniform Resource Identifier" that once "tapped" with an NFC enabled Smart Phone, enables various events including:

Initiating a Telephone Call to You or Your Company

Directing your customer to your Web Site / Url on their Smart Phone

Opening up a SMS / New Message or Commence Chat Session(s)

or Creating a "New Switch", running a sequence of events (for actuation of linear / chronological tasks & apps), accessible on a SmartPhone via the Video Brochure itself.

The opportunities are boundless....!

For more information on how YouVu can make your Video Brochures Smarter with WiFi enablement & NFC Chips, email us as or follow this link

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