LCD Video Brochures

Combining People, Product & Event Video Production with various LCD screen sizes, High & Standard Definition Screens & Multiple Control Functions including Video Touch Screen, each Video Communication can be customised to your Budget, Brand, Audience and Message.

A Single Supplier for Your Video, Voice-Over & Photographic Production, Design & Video Brochure Needs, we deliver LCD Video Brochures & Video Production Services throughout Australia.

Got a video and just need a brochure? No problems, we will take your existing video, edit and or rescale it accordingly to meet the requirements of the video brochure and your project.

YouVu's eMotion Video Brochure support multiple videos or "channels" & Play Functions including the new and innovative Touch Screen functionality.

Each Video Brochure accommodates multiple videos, played directly from the video brochure via an LCD screen & speaker housed within the offset or digitally printed media pack.

With Rewind, Fast Forward, Next Chapter, Volume Control, Automatic Play, Motion Sense & Magnetic Switches, each Video Brochure can be custom designed to your unique requirements and incorporate the offset print quality and flexibility including Spot UV, Embossing & Foil finishes, normally associated to high impact print projects & media packs.

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