Emotion LCD Video Brochures

Target. Engage. Connect with YouVu Video Production, Photographic Services & Video Brochure Design & Manufacturing...

Best in-class companies are using video centric content marketing & communication strategies...

Video is 53x more likely than text to appear on the first page of search.

Video in email marketing increases click through and viewership by 96% .

Video brochures and their associated video content are expected to be viewed by x16 other parties over and above the original recipient via brochure referral.

So....you know there’s value in video & video communications.

You know that everyone needs to be able to see it.

You don’t like Ads and you don’t always want to associate with other brands and your competition.

You want to stand out from the crowd.

Your videos should be clean, crisp and concise, your brand identifiable, and the experience nothing short of eloquent.

You need powerful media that can be found online, listed on portals, emailed, shared via social networks and printed in publications.

YouVu, The Single Supplier for Your Video, Voice-Over & Photographic Production, Design & Video Brochure Needs, we deliver LCD Video Brochures & Video Production Services throughout Australia.

Contact sales@youvu.com.au for more information.

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