Buy Safe - LCD Video Brochures

When purchasing your video brochures from the myriad of suppliers who say they specialise in video brochure manufacturing, ask yourself these very important questions...

1) Does your Video Brochure supplier have the appropriate product certifications in place for the supply of video brochures?

2) Do they and or the supply chain meet the regulatory requirements for the provision of video brochures as outlined by product

3) As an importer, do they carry the appropriate insurances as required by the standards set out by the ACCC?

As part of our commitment to quality and safety, YouVu adheres to the required safety certifications for the manufacture and import / export of Video Brochures as part of our supply chain management, and as such, carries all associated insurances for this service.

....Perhaps a point worth considering when selecting your video brochure supplier for your own company and or as an agency on behalf of your clients.

For more information on product safety requirements when selecting your video brochure supplier, contact us at

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