YouVu's LCD eMotion Video Brochures & Video

Services incorporate YouVu's video production & photography expertise with offset printed content in a single High Impact Video Brochure media pack.

Combining  People, Product & Event Video Production with various LCD screen sizes, High & Standard Definition Screens & Multiple Control Functions including Video Touch Screen, each Video Communication can be customised to your Budget, Brand, Audience and Message. 

A Single Supplier for Your Video, Voice-Over & Photographic Production, Design & Video Brochure Needs, we deliver LCD Video Brochures & Video Production Services throughout Australia.

Got a video and just need a brochure? No problems, we will take your existing video, edit and or rescale it accordingly to meet the requirements of the video brochure and your project.

Need help with artwork for your video brochure? We have the templates and design guides to help you through the entire process, alternatively we can provide all creative and design services with Your Brand, Your Message and Our Creative in a YouVu Video Brochure.

YouVu Video Brochures & Video Production, Putting eMotion in Print & Video.

LCD Video Brochures - High Definition, Touch Screen & IPS Video Brochures - Australia-wide

         Includes Free Artwork + Free Delivery on 100 units or more.

  • Prototype & Custom Video Brochures to Production runs of 5,000 +

  • FREE IPS / HD Screen Upgrade on 5" and above 

  • FREE Video Brochure Artwork & Design on orders over 100 units

  • FREE Delivery within Australia. International Shipping via DHL 

  • FREE Warehousing. Pick & Pack for Distributive Delivery also available

  • Optional Company Logo on boot-up, rescaled to suite screen

  • One Supplier for Video Production, Artwork / Creative & Video Brochures in Australia... FREE Offers are subject to MOQ of 100 units, A5 5" and above



YouVu's Best-in-Class LCD Video Brochures...

  • High Definition, Touch & IPS Quality Screens in each Video Brochure

  • 2.4" to 10" Screen Sizes  + Optional WiFi Enablement

  • 4 Colour Offset Printed Video Brochures, Video Presentation Boxes & Video Folders

  • Auto Play, Play/Pause, FF/RW, Volume Control within the Video Brochure 

  • Unique Full Personalisation / Variable Printed Text per Brochure Available

  • Creative Artwork & Design & Video Production Services

  • Each Video Brochure is re-chargeable with inbuilt Micro USB connection (cable supplied)

  • Support for 9 Videos within each Fully Customisable Video Brochure

  • OEM Parts with 12 Month Factory Warranty, Product Safe to ACCC Standards

YouVu's eMotion Video Brochure support multiple videos or "channels" & Play Functions including the new and innovative Touch Screen functionality.

Each Video Brochure accommodates multiple videos, played directly from the video brochure via an LCD screen & speaker housed within the offset or digitally printed media pack.

With Rewind, Fast Forward, Next Chapter, Volume Control, Automatic Play, Motion Sense & Magnetic Switches, each Video Brochure can be custom designed to your unique requirements and incorporate the offset print quality and flexibility including Spot UV, Embossing & Foil finishes, normally associated to high impact print projects & media packs.

YouVu's design and creative services can assist you with your artwork, alternatively we can provide you with the necessary templates and specifications for you to provide your own artwork and to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the design and LCD Video Brochure functionality, we will provide you a production sample for approval prior to each run.

If you are looking for affordable Video Brochures without compromising on quality or choice, contact us today.

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How do I order Video Brochures?

Choose Screen Size & Brochure

Proof Our Artwork & Sample

Receive Order in 14 days (approx)

Video Brochure Warehousing
Video Brochure Warehousing

Video Brochure Warehousing & Distribution Services To Your Customers, Direct.

Video Brochure Charging
Video Brochure Charging

Video Brochure Charging & Maintenance Whilst Warehoused In Our Purpose Built Facility.

Temperature Controlled Warehousing
Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Temperature Controlled Warehousing For Your Video Brochures.

Video Brochure Warehousing
Video Brochure Warehousing

Video Brochure Warehousing & Distribution Services To Your Customers, Direct.


YouVu Video & Photo Production Services

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