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Why Video?


No other form of advertising has the reach and influence of video.

With its adaptation, evolution and adoption across digital media devices and access points including mobile, streaming content over the web and distribution via social networks and new tech such as location based marketing, it’s of little surprise that more companies are switching their marketing budgets from traditional newspaper print, brochures and signboard advertising to web enabled media underpinned by video.


The Reasons About Video


  • 60 seconds of Video is the  equivalent to 1.8 million words;
  • Over 70% of all web usage and over 50% of all mobile device usage is now video viewing;
  • It is forecasted that 90% of comsumer IP traffic will be video in 2014;
  • Viewer engagement is upto x3 times greater with video;
  • Over 70% of consumers are likely to purchase or at minimum progress enquiry when video centric marketing is used as part of the media mix;
  • Video in e-communications increases click-throughs by 96%;
  • Video influences decision far more than printed marketing communications alone;
  • Video communicates  a Value Proposition and greater understanding far more than printed media ;
  • ROI on Video is far more measurable than printed media;
  • Video present s a greater perceived value than printed media which is often disposed of without even being read;
  • Over 80% of consumers will view a video received as part of a marketing communications initiative on the same day they receive it;
  • Over 90% will share video with friends or colleagues via email and or social networks;
  • Video is affordable and no longer associated to big budgets and long production lead times;
  • Video is not geographically challenged as is traditional print media.


The Facts About Video


 Speed to Market

  • YouVu shoots, Edits, Records Pro Voiceover & Releases within 74 Hours.



  • Once released, your video can be posted and distributed to audiences within seconds across mobile devices and viewing platforms without geographical boundaries or the logistics associated to printed media and below the line marketing campaigns.


Sensory Perception

  • Video delivers both visually and  audibly  and creates emotion, inspiration and motivation to act. Coupled with select soundscores and nationally renowned voice over auditioned for your video and the entire viewing experience and what you want your audience to hear and see becomes implicit.


Brand continuity & awareness

  • YouVu offers an extensive array of stock video footage including aerial, terrestrial and city scapes across major capital cities and a broad selection of professional voice over talent , specifically cast to ensure your company tone, position, reputation and video production sets you apart from your competition.



  • Video is far more measurable than printed media as far as reach, distribution and viewership. All content can be easily repurposed to suit different audiences, languages, situational changes and requirements from advertorial, informational to demonstrational  and testimonial.


Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper,

Today’s video is tomorrow's lead generator...


Why are best-in class companies using video & why you should too?


Best in-class companies are using video centric content marketing & communication strategies.


Video is 53x more likely than text to appear on the first page of search.

And Video in email marketing increases click through by 96%.

You know there's value in video.

You know that everyone needs to be able to see it.

You don't like Ads and you don't always want to associate with other brands and your competition.

You want to stand out from the crowd.

Your videos should be clean, crisp and concise, your brand identifiable, and
the experience nothing short of eloquent.

You  need powerful media that can be found online, listed on portals, emailed, shared via social networks and printed in publications.

You need ubiquity and consistency across these channels.

Unlike print, you can measure your video's success and use the data to improve its placement, engagement and even conversions to sale.

What types of Video does YouVu Provide?


YouVu provides Professional Video Production Services for People, Product & Events including:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Testimonials
  • Education & Training
  • Compliance & OHS
  • Pitch Videos
  • Property Sales & Marketing  for Commercial ,  Industrial, Development, Retail and Hotels Sales & Lease.


What makes up a YouVu Video Production?


  • Creative Direction
  • Concise Scripting & Design Framework
  • Animation, Motion & 3D Graphics
  • Pre & Post Production
  • Appropriate Sound Scores & Professional Voice Overs
  • Hosting and Landing Pages


Target. Engage. Connect.

YouVu...The Power of Preview


For more information on how YouVu can assist you in your video production requirements, just email us on sales@youvu.com.au

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