• Targeting, engaging and connecting with your clients in a way that is consistent with your brand;
  • Saving time for Agents in qualifying leads, and expedites the qualification process;
  • Saving time for Agents as disseminating a YouVu Ad is just a click;
  • Acting as a single point of reference and truth with respect to the offering, and is syndicated across all online channels.  This reduces the need to duplicate content specific to each and every online and offline channel in relation to the property;
  • Engaging your audience in a way they want to be engaged, at a time they choose to be engaged;
  • Providing excellent ROI.  Price for content and distribution mechanism is a fraction of the price of print and signage, with a reach far greater;
  • Providing measurable results for each YouVu Advertisement means this data will assist an organisation to improve its placement, engagement and even conversions to sale.
    Less reliance on traditional portals.  YouVu ads are rich in engaging content and as a result are often found on the first page of search.  Videos are 53 x more likely than text to appear on the first page of search;
  • Syndicating content provided by YouVu.  Traditionally Ad/Creative Agencies would charge additional to syndicate content.  Full syndication is included with YouVu Ads;
  • Not being limited by geographic boundaries – videos can be generated in different languages and syndicated to a number of portals and online video sites;
  • No resources or integration from our clients.  This means our clients offload costs associated with their online marketing initiatives to YouVu, whilst at the same time reducing the costs to their vendors for vendor paid advertising (VPA); ultimately lowering the transaction costs. 

More and more, organisations are utilising online advertising, email marketing and social media as an effective way to reach new markets and increase awareness of their products and services.  When creating digital marketing strategies, organisations must consider their distribution and supply chain strategies. Being able to deliver products or services on time and for the right price is the ultimate determinant of a company’s capability.  YouVu delivers solutions to clients within time, at a competitive price, and with far greater reach and engagement than any of the traditional advertising mediums.

According to Deloitte’s recent whitepaper on Digital Disruption, “when it comes to marketing, digital technologies enable many ways for organisations to cut marketing and advertising expenses and move towards more measurable marketing channels that can be scaled in line with campaigns and business imperatives.  Instead of large upfront investments in television ads and other major pieces, or paying fees to middlemen, organisations are launching a wide range of smaller and relatively low-cost digital campaigns through search engines, social media and other digital channels.”

YouVu specialises in tactical, affordable, value creating and engaging online marketing strategies consistent with the Deloitte approach.

Target. Engage. Connect.

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