Consumer Viewership Up 211%

In a year that left many agents feeling the sting of the global financial crisis YouVu has managed to go from strength to strength and is not looking to slow down in 2010.

Since the launch of the YouVu full service solution back in 2008 YouVu has achieved outstanding compound growth and engaged with customers at a level which is second to none.

A review of Google analytics for 2009 has identified that consumer engagement for YouVu advertisements has reached record levels with Visits to YouVu property ads growing by more than 197%.

The viewership trend is also outstanding with property page views increasing by a staggering 211% with the average viewership time on YouVu advertisements for return visitors holding strong at an unsurpassed 7 minutes plus.

With the property market for 2010 looking stronger and customer demand ever increasing YouVu are confident the next 12 months will bring even more success and innovation to its customers.



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