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YouVu DropBox - Transfer Photo's & Video to YouVu Easily.

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YouVu Aerial-view - Comlementing our class leading property videos, YouVu offers aerial videography and cinematography services as part of each YouVu Property Ad.

  • Customised Aerial Sequences & Aerail Video Services
  • Stunning High Definition Aerial Video
  • Professional Cinematogrpahy & CG Editing Services
  • Available as part of each YouVu Property Advertsiement
  • Project Based, Portfolio, Development, Industrial and Commercial
  • Available Easyern Seaboard - Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Other areas by application.

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The sky is no longer the limit with YouVu...

YouVu Voice Overs - The voice over for your property video is an extension of your brand, company and service proposition.

 YouVu voice overs provide:

  • An extensive selection of professional voice over talent & actors;
  • Specific casting based upon your company tone, position, market reputation and video type;
  • Nationally renowned & familiar voices;
  • Choice of languages, accents & styles;
  • Studio recorded;
  • Continuity across business lines & recordings;
  • Select sound scores & audio tracks licensed to each YouVu video production;
  • Target. Engage. Connect;
  • For use in YouVu People, Product & Event (PPE) Video Productions. 

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 YouVu Video Centric Content on the web Part I - Why are Best in-class companies are using video centric content marketing and communication strategies.

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Video is 53x more likely than text to appear on the first page of search. 
And Video in email marketing increases click through by 96%. 
Sooo....I know there’s value in video.
I know that everyone needs to be able to see it.
I don’t like Ads and I don’t always want to associate with other brands and my competition.
I want to stand out from the crowd.
My videos should be clean, crisp and concise, my brand identifiable, and the experience nothing short of eloquent.
I need powerful media that can be found online, listed on portals, emailed, shared via social networks and printed in publications.
I need ubiquity and consistency across these channels.
Unlike print, I can measure my video’s success and use the data to improve its placement, engagement and even conversions to sale.

Target. Engage. Connect. 
Youvu...The Power of Preview -


YouVu Video Centric Content on the web Part II - Why are Best in-class companies are using video centric content marketing and communication strategies.

YouVu...No two properties are the same, why should your ads be?
Do you still think that newspaper advertising, glossy brochures and sign boards generate the most leads?  
Do your Vendors & Asset Owners get value for money with Print Advertising?
As an Agent, is it easy to sell advertising to Vendors?
...Well here’s your answer...
YouVu Ads generate more leads, deliver more detail and remain in circulation longer and account for as little as 5% of a Vendor Paid Advertising budget.
Consumers spend on average 22 hours a week on the internet & 70% access Video Content.
 85% of property searches begin online & more than 60% of agent enquiries are generated via the Web.
Newspaper print circulations continue to decline, Online Video advertising is increasing faster than any other advertising type. 
Dynamic Video, Computer Graphics, Inspiring Soundtracks, Professional Voice Over, Artistic Still Photography, Points of Interest across locations, Engaging Copy, Document downloads and Your Contact Details form to create an informative and engaging online advertisement that connects property with your customers.
Delivered via a personalised URL, YouVu multimedia ads assist online enquiry & generate unparalleled web traffic.
Accessed through property search portals via the “Virtual Tour”, “Online Tour”, “MiniWeb”, “Video” or “View More” radio buttons, YouVu extends your advertising dollar on your chosen portal listing by creating more than just a “me too” listing. 
...Distributed via Email Communications
...Found on Google and Other Search Engines
...Shared via Social Networks & Blogs
...Printed in newspapers and on brochures, associated to Signboards and connected via Near Field Communications with “YouVu tap2view”, YouVu links your property print and electronic media seamlessly. 

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Target. Engage. Connect. 
Youvu...The Power of Preview -


YouVu Proximity Marketing - Exploiting location awareness

In a recent Deloitte whitepaper on Digital Disruption, they discuss a number of strategies organisations must consider to assist them to recalibrate their cost structures and leverage technologies and supply chains to improve the effectiveness of the on and offline marketing strategies so as to reach and connect with more customers than ever before. 

“Thanks to GPS and the way cellular networks function, smartphone users can now pinpoint their location.  So too can their carriers and, with the appropriate  permissions, other businesses. This is opening up dramatic new business possibilities to drive revenue and launch new business ideas.
Location-based services (LBSs) use a set of computing capabilities to deliver content and functions that are relevant to the user’s location. The most popular examples in use today are social media platforms, and mapping functionalities that enable the user to find the nearest ATM or restaurant.”

LBSs can be used to deliver functionality and content in a more relevant and useful format to consumers.  YouVu Proximity Marketing does just this.  Rich YouVu multimedia content including videos, web pages and images are able to be exchanged via the service.  YouVu provides the hardware, reporting and web content including video for this new service.

For properties for lease and sale, YouVu Proximity Marketing can create enormous value to Agents and Vendors in onsite display suites, connecting and sharing content with all visitors instantaneously upon their entry, with foot traffic passing a site where office/retail space is for lease, or even with people driving past an industrial property which is for sale.  This is opt in technology and can be project and timeframe specific. 
In return, meaningful data and statistics for those who opt in to these communications is then provided and can be analysed by the Agent and or asset owners providing yet another way to target, engage and connect with customers.

Capturing new value created in the digital economy will depend on the ability of companies to develop strategies that bring consumers closer.

Due to the increasing potential to capture and gain value from information about an organisation’s customers; investment in data analytics and technologies like LBS will come to the forefront as the digital disruption revolution unfolds. 

For traditional corporations, James McQuivey, Forrester Research recommends that everyone within the organisation — starting with the CEO — think and behave like a digital disruptor. He thinks big companies should swap return-on-investment calculations for return-on-disruption metrics, where the goal in ROI is to generate a known investment, the goal in ROD is to invest as little as possible, placing quick, cheap bets on initiatives with the largest possible breakout success.

YouVu Proximity Marketing is such an initiative, focussing on targeting and acquiring customers, engaging with these customers and ultimately connecting to your customers.  Post connecting, YouVu Proximity marketing provides meaningful and relevant information and statistics back to the Agent and Vendor to assist further refinement of their current campaign and valuable IP for future marketing initiatives and campaigns. 

Finally.  The price.  Small change in the scheme of a marketing budget. 
Remember this is not just a way to target, engage and connect with your customers, but also a way to acquire new customers.


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