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With Internet video now contributing to over 30% of consumer Internet traffic, video is becoming a significant component within any strong online marketing strategy.

Whether agent hosted or coupled with a voice over, a professionally shot and edited video delivers a greater visual and audible appeal than any other medium available, further assisting in conveying the agency and a property’s value proposition.  A powerful influence, video provides a concise and succinct summation of the property within a short period time that is both compelling and comprehensive.

YouVu allows users to view and, or generate powerful, content rich property advertisements via a browser.  Creating a YouVu Listing provides the user with a URL. This URL can be pasted, posted, mailed, linked, accessed via QR and Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled signboards, or otherwise shared.  YouVu ads can be accessed by a single click on property portals.

YouVu leverages the existing “Portal Pushing” technology (e.g. PortalPusher, HubOnline) that is available (and familiar) to Real Estate Agents to associate YouVu ads to their property listings via the “Online Tour”, “Mini Web”, “Virtual Tour” or “View More” Links on Australia’s top property portals.  The existing portal pushing “applications” distribute the YouVu ad / content via a YouVu URL to numerous property sites and portals.  There are no integration or development requirements or technical expertise required to support YouVu links.

There are no additional fees for using this medium outside of the initial ad fee on both the portal (that the agents already use to list their property) and for the YouVu ad itself.

With unrivalled versatility, YouVu leverages common technologies in a familiar fashion to evolve an online marketing presence within listing portals, email communications, social networking, agent websites and Near Field Communication (NFC) or QR associated signage.

Video ads have some of the highest impact on brand metrics such as brand awareness and brand favourability.  Online video is already getting results for advertisers – in terms of clicks and brand metrics. The proof is in the spend on online video advertising, which is growing faster than any other advertising type – in digital or traditional mediums. 

YouVu’s Service Offering can be broadly grouped into 4 main categories:

1. As a Packaged Solution, full service including photography, videography, copy and upload. 
2. As a Self Upload model, via the YouVu website. Agents and FSBO can create their own engaging YouVu advertisement by uploading their own photo, video and copy content.  This is "Pay per Ad" integrated into an online payment gateway via eWay.
3. As a Video and Stills supplier incorporating Scripting, Direction and Design Framework, Pre & Post Production, Animation and Graphic Design, Professional Voice Over for Video and Creative Direction & Digital  Retouching for Stills Photography.
4. Video Corporate Communications such as interview style pieces to camera, Corporate Team Videos, Event Videos and Testimonial Videos. 

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