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Don't just 'list' your property, ADVERTISE it!

Adequate promotion should mean the ability to identify key features which are unique to their individual property. This will ensure property differentiation when listed on websites such as realestate.com.au or domain.com.au.


Some home owners may sight a lack of available options, while others may believe that the expense of creating a truly unique advertisement is too expensive. No matter what the excuse, the reality is that there is little action taken to differentiate a property through its advertisement.


Until YouVu Property Advertising that is!!


Forgive the self-promotion, but it is true...


Have ever wondered if there is a more cost-effective way to ensure key fixtures, fittings and features are showcased in your property advertisement?


Then wonder no more and view below for the YouVu property advertising experience!

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Peter Cullen

Aug 08, 2008

The basic idea of selling anything is to create a point of difference and YouVu certainly makes that possible. Your unique concept allows anyone to show off the most important and impressive parts of a home in an easy and effective way. It is also easy for the buyer to navigate. Great job on the development of this product.


Aug 08, 2008

Agree entirely, when I list my own property in Spring, this will be the first website I come to. Good luck with it, sure to be a hit!

Adam O

Aug 27, 2008

Have to say that I agree with the others. Selling your home with agents fees, advertising and all the rest is an expensive business, so anything that can put you a step ahead of the rest and stand you out from the crowd has got to be a good thing. A product like Youvu is a perfect example of this.

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