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The Virtues of Video

More than 75% of consumers use the internet to research properties and in excess of 7.5 million unique browsers view property advertised on the web in Australia each month.

With Internet video now contributing to over 30% of consumer Internet traffic, video is becoming a significant component within any strong online marketing strategy.

The inclusion of a professional video is the perfect way to highlight the unique features of a property, relevant lifestyle and location aspects in addition to accentuating the scale and spatial qualities of any commercial space whilst accommodating a moving reference that further develops engagement and viewership.

Whether agent hosted or coupled with a voice over, a professionally shot and edited video delivers a greater visual and audible appeal than any other medium available, further assisting in conveying the agency and a property’s value proposition over and above that of the competition.

A powerful influence, video provides a concise and succinct summation of the property within a short period time that is both compelling and comprehensive. 

Professional video and internet marketing services such as YouVu allows agents the ability to differentiate themselves and their properties from that of the competition through the use of video, still photography and interactive content.


A well thought out strategy from the outset, making use of the most effective online tools which now includes video is crucial to achieving an effective and well balanced online presence.

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