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Near Field Communication, QR Codes & tap2view

Placing a QR code or incorporating a Near Field Communication Chip on your signboards allows interested parties to quickly view and record your properties details electronically, with YouVu this incorporates rich media including our professionally produced videos and unrivalled web content dedicated to your Property.


With the free app available for all smart phones including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android for reading QR Codes and Android NFC enabled phones for reading Near Field Communication Chips, associated Codes (QR), Chips & Stickers (NFC encoded) are an existing inclusion to each YouVu Ad.


Near Field Communication FUNCTIONS


Once scanned by simply placing an NFC enabled smart device over the sign, the device can complete a number of tasks via a URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) including:



Send an email via a mailto / sms / tel / custom action



Send vCard (Contact for Instant Messaging / Sharing, containing Name, Address & Contact details)



Send Url (Uniform Resource Locator  to a YouVu Page / Property  Video)



Create New Message (Made Up Of Free Form Text)


If you have already printed your sign board, no problems, our NFC Chips and QR Codes are provided to you as an easy to apply sticker that are ready to mount on your existing signage, alternatively if you would like YouVu to provide the signage which incorporates a QR Code and NFC enabled Chip, just let us know.




YouVu, changing how your customers view Property and PPE (People, Product and Event) Video over the web....


tap2view, clicktoview and youvunfc are registered domains of YouVu Pty Ltd.



Got a question on how to incorporate a QR Code in your marketing mix or would you like to see a demonstration on how Near Field Communications & tap2view can change how customers experience your signage, contact us today at sales@youvu.com.au for a consultation.


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